Coffee Lid Recycling!?

Day 17 — Write a short scenario set in the kitchen of a fast-food restaurant.

Nevil was on his second shift in a row at the Ferocity Fast Food Palace.  He was hot and sweaty.  His manager had not even allowed him time to go home and change or even to have a shower in the cloak room.  The Palace had just been so busy that day.  Who knew hot weather would be the best time to eat spicy fast food?  Definitely not the manager because he had not rostered enough staff to cope with the customer demand.

An hour before the Palace closed Nevil realised that they were low on coffee lids.  He mentioned it to his manager in passing.  Nevil believed that there should be more in the storeroom.  After all coffee was one of their top sellers.  Take away coffee needed a lid to prevent spillage.  However, apparently it wasn’t just a shortage of staff but necessary product as well.  Nevil’s manager called him off the line and made the request that topped any other from that day.  The manager wanted Nevil to go outside to the rubbish bins, find coffee lids, save them, wash them and put them back into use!  Plastic coffee lids from the bin!  Hand washed and recycled!

Nevil was stunned.  He could not believe this request.  Lets be honest it was an order, one that Nevil refused.  Nevil stated  that he was refusing for customer health and safety but in reality it was because he could not face putting his hands, even gloved or double gloved hands, into the very full rubbish bins.  Nevil’s manager was now the stunned one.   Jobs were such a premium in this town that people did anything to get one and on doing so to retain it.

It became somewhat of a Mexican standoff.  Which ended with the manager firing Nevil for insubordination.  Nevil left the Palace with dignity, no shouting, cussing or any kind of fuss.   However early the next morning he rang the Palace chain Head Office and explained what had happened.  Nevil included the lack of adequate staffing for the launch and subsequent weeks.  The manager systematically failed to judge staffing needs on previous numbers required.  It was like he had a dart board and whatever number the dart hit on, that was the day’s staffing numbers.

Nevil continued with the dysfunctional product ordering system, that the manager refused to delegate and only did fortnightly.  This was despite a growing list of product deficits long before the supplies would be refreshed.   The managers “system”, using the term very loosely, also failed to take into account delivery time before product was available. Nevil delivered the coup de grâce by defining exactly why he was fired.  Now the Head Office contact was stunned.

Subsequent to the investigation which included an under cover Head Office employee gaining a job in the Palace, Nevil was offered employment.  However, this was not for the same position but the offer of being the new manager.  He was informed that his detailed explanation of the faults at the Palace AND not seeking coffee lids in the bins were the salient factors to his being deemed capable of the job.

Nevil accepted the position with no discontinuation of service penalty or wage loss over the period of the investigation.


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