The ghost of reality

Day 16 —If we assume ghosts are real, what type of ghost would you like to see?



I am writing this from two perspectives.



The first perspective is of the people left after someone they love dies:


The ghost shimmered into view.  Spontaneously becoming visible to 15 people in different sites on the planet.  The ghost of their beloved family member, lover, dear friend or colleague turned to the person in front of them.  They smiled.  They waved a final farewell and they turned away to walk into a shimmering light.  The light was so beautiful that the people watching were forced to shut their eyes and turn away from it.  When they turned back, the ghost of their loved one was gone and they felt at peace.



The second perspective is of the person that is the ghost:

It felt like I was being pulled through the fabric of reality.  My life swiftly unravelled as I seemed to return to whence I came from.  I was a blip in a sunrise of a million blips.  I didn’t feel fear or remorse or guilt or anger.  No emotion.  I felt at peace but the tug of the people I left behind, their grieving was keeping me tethered to a planet I no longer needed to be a part of.  At least not in the same way.  So I am compelled to return to my corporeal form but only as a ghost of who I was, to say goodbye to those who loved me.  To give them peace in the knowledge that I was happy and safe.

Hope you like the perspectives!


What do you think?

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