Believe in what?!

Reason to Believe:  In Reason to Believe, Bruce Springsteen sings,
At the end of every hard-earned day / people find some reason to believe.”
What’s your reason to believe?

Daily prompt source

This is an interesting prompt.  What is my reason to believe?  More importantly I am wondering if the question is just too vague.  The rationale might depend on the missing “believe what?”  For example it is easy to believe that the sun will go down and night will come.  Primarily, because it always has so why doubt it now?  But to consider that tomorrow might be a better day than today is less certain.  We could also question if our existence can continue for another night.

I do better with concrete ideas to believe in, than abstract or philosophical ones.  In part because they can be proven as fact and not fantasy.  I think this concrete thinking is why I struggle with ideas of a God.  There is no “proof” for me on either side, pro or con.  I can’t hang my faith into faith, belief or the word of others.

I looked up the Springsteen song that inspired this prompt and in many ways it is very apt. No matter the circumstances, the people in the verses continued to believe that what went wrong at the start of the verse will actually turn out right or be reversed.  They just believe it will happen so they wait for that.  Not sure I have that degree of faith in humanity or the universe  or anything still.

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