The learning journey

Learning Style
What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?


I took a learning style assessment before I did my nursing degree.  It found that my learning styles were evenly balanced between spatial (visual), physical (kinesthetic), aural (auditory) and verbal (linguistic).  I find that quite accurate because how I best learn is often different depending on what I am trying to learn.

I can learn through written instructions but I do not do as well through the drawings that accompany instructions.  Which makes sense, since I can barely understand any part of a map.  However, if I watch someone perform the task then I can often imitate their actions. Often if I am getting confused a mixture of learning styles can help me find my way.

I like taking copious notes, it helps me retain information and provides a ongoing reference.  When I think of parts of lectures I often do so through the tone of the person that spoke it.  It cements the information more strongly in my memory.  I am

I learn well in groups or 1:1 settings.  Although I can be struck with anxiety in either style of learning.  I find it easier to hide in a group and reduce my anxiety by just being one in the crowd.  It can be a pain trying to learn through the haze of anxiety and the energy to manage how stressed I am without anyone knowing.

I enjoy lectures but I find that I take notes and  can write other things as my mind seems to appreciate doing two things at once.  I often wrote essays at the same time that I  took notes in class.   Not sure why it works but it does.  I often do two or more activities at once, like knitting or reading together and having the tv on as well.

I have found that if I can not understand something in my own terms,then I can fail to learn anything.  It made it interesting that I consider myself quite a concrete thinker and had to find my way among theoretical thinkers.  It was not a pretty meeting.

I like learning in a variety of ways and I also like learning new things.  Sometimes the gift isn’t what you learn but the journey on the way to that end point.

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