Easy listening

Daily prompt source
Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a
music critic reviewing a new album.


On the A side are the melodious tunes of a Saturday afternoon spent absorbed in a book.  It is a smooth transition from song to song with no jarring notes.  I am not sure that the trumpet solo is quite right but it works when blending with the other instruments.  Hubby beside me in the sun chair soaking up the rays, the words and the music accompaniment.

The B side is the more rowdy beats to accompany a day of housework.  Nothing like vacuuming to a drum solo with the walls reverberating to the sounds of a drum roll.  The solos on this side are more synergistic with the solo activity of housework, with hubby back on the A side.

Overall, this album encapsulates a lazy Saturday transitioning easily into a housework driven Sunday.  While each song is from a different artist they do work as a cohesive album.  Not completely sure of the genre that this compilation would fit in, as it is more of a mutt than a pure breed in any specific single genre.  However, this is a background music album more than a stop and listen.




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