R18: Before you die

Before you die by Samantha Hayes


This book was a find for me at the library.  I am not sure of the appropriate rating.  I found the plot was interesting enough to want to know the ending, despite the slow pace at which the book crept along.  The plot is embedded within family relationships and the information about the families central to the plot is sufficient to make the links.  I am not sure if this is a part of a series but it had that feel in how it began.  I kept thinking a previous book might hold the details that seemed absent in this one.  It took me some time to work out what was happening and to become fully engaged in the plot.

There are topics related to homosexuality, parenting, judgement, police policy and homelessness plus the main plot device of murder to cover up crime.  In the end I believe Before you Die will be a reap it.  I will return this copy to the library and not seek it for my book shelves.  However I am interested enough in Hayes writing style to hunt other titles by her in the library.  I can’t recommend Before you Die except to say I did read it in an afternoon so it wasn’t all bad!  In saying that I do believe how Hayes writes is worth a look.


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