Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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I have been avoiding reviews in case they ruined this for me but I had seen three.  One hinted at a death of an original cast member (I will not spoil this for others with specifics) and was accurate.  I confess, the way the death was handled had me in tears two separate times during the movie.

A second review stated that this movie was for the fans.  I believe it may be more accurate to say that this movie was for the fans of the original three movies (even pre the re-mastering of those).  It reminded me of my childhood and standing for hours to attend back to back movies of those first three all in one day.  I had to beg my parents for permission on that one and save for weeks.

It was not only for the fans, there was a clear set up to the 8th movie.  A young person in front of me was overheard to say that she did not understand the ending.  I was surprised as that generation has grown up with one movie setting up the place for the next movie, whetting the appetite so to speak.  I think that it could be confusing that the entire premise of this movie was not resolved and may not till the end of another 2 in a 3rd trio for this movie franchise.

The third review I saw was one where the reviewer was not impressed by the movie and said the best part of it was the trailer for the Captain America, Civil War, Avengers 3.  This was in accurate and may reflect their age and the Star Wars they were more accustomed to. I simply loved it, I may even go back for the 3D version it was just that enticing in 2D.  For me there was a balance between the plot and the special effects which some recent movies have lacked.

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