Breaking News: Hopes of finding B1 alive diminish

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Breaking News: Hopes of finding B1 alive diminish

It has now been 32 hours since B1 was last seen.   Searchers have been centered on the rural town of Feilding since family members reported B1 missing.  He was last seen in his summer coat experiencing potential disorientation from being outside in unfamiliar territory and alone.

Family spokesman, Bob Cleary states that the family have not given up hope.  However talk has begun to circulate that the search and rescue is now a search and recovery mission, with hopes fading for a successful outcome.

Family and friends have been working tirelessly to bring B1 home safely.

Local hunter Bevan Meritt identified that B1 may have gotten lost after he managed to evade carers charged with monitoring his movement and protecting him from his vulnerable mental state.  The area surrounding the care home is heavy bush and decreases the chances of  B1 being located.

Despite numerous attempts to contact the care home, they decline to comment at this time.

The search continues today and we will update you as the story unfolds.



B1 seeking his way home.



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