Just imagine


Day 9 —What was your favorite childhood toy?




The photograph is my doll Amanda, I have had her since I was child.  She is one of my few remaining toys.  I thought that I was going to write about how she was my favourite toy but then I realised that while I loved her, she was not my favourite toy, those created by my imagination were.

I have always had a vivid imagination.  It was fueled by a never ending appetite for knowledge that I fed through reading.  Books opened the way for me to imagine way beyond what I might know or experience in of myself.  I would write new chapters or act them out as if I were in the book.  In my imagination I was in the book and it could entertain me for hours.  To the onlooker I may have looked asleep or blank but inside my mind was a lively world that just kept growing as I learnt more from the books I virtually crawled inside and then dragged into my mindscape.

My imagination also allowed me to turn everyday items into magnificent toys.  The mud in a neighbours yard lent itself to the digging out of a rather impressive underground fort. Luckily I never thought of what might happen if the “roof” collapsed in on us.  Buckets became drums to be hit with sticks broken off the trees outside, which led to the performance of great musical concerts with an audience of toys. This surprisingly led to no negative criticism and rapt reviews.  The cat became my faithful side kick, not sure the cat actually knew this, and helped me solve crime in the neighbourhood.  I once convinced a teacher through graphic detail that the dog ate my homework.  We didn’t have a dog!

My imagination was and remains quite active.  If need be it might even be able to leap in and creatively save me.





      1. Purl and plain are the basic stitches with most others just fancy versions of those. I love knitting jerseys for people. I found crocheting much harder and think you will find knitting easier with your skills.

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