The ebb and flow of depression

Day 8 —Tell your life story from someone else’s point of view.

We drove past the house morning and night on our way to work.  At the weekend we walked past it on our strolls into town for coffee and cake.  There never seemed to be anyone at home.  Often in the middle of the say the curtains would be closed in what we thought was the lounge or the bedroom.  Sometimes we caught sight of shadows that could be people moving around in the house but we were never sure.

There was a silver Aurion that parked in the driveway over night and was absent during 4 days of the week.  Its parking friend was a red Echo, that was rarely out for any length of time.  We might seem to be nosy neighbours but it was just normal curiosity.  Each of the other 6 neighbours on the shared driveway had greeted our arrival in the neighbourhood with welcome notes and housewarming gifts but there was nothing from the occupants of this house.

With the other neighbours we would talk over the fences when we hung our washing or toiled in the gardens.  But we rarely saw anyone in that house.  Once a week we did see the man mow the lawns but it never seemed the right moment to start a conversation and when we finally decided to try he had already gone back inside.  The house never seemed to celebrate the changing seasons or be decked out with Christmas Decorations, no children hunted Easter eggs in the garden.

Now and then there was a woman that would work in the gardens for a short period but who always went inside before any communication could be initiated.  We made theories about what her problem was and why she was so secretive.  Gossip abounded when we heard from their next door neighbour that the Aurion had sped into its park, the Echo moved onto the lawn and an ambulance had taken the woman away.

We pressed the longer term neighbours for details on who these two people are.  They remembered a time that they had entertained the neighbours with shared meals.  At one stage there had been a core of women and the odd man, who went on daily walks for months but that ended with the rental expiry of one of the walkers.

We kept trying to make some form of relationship with them and at times we were successful.  But then the woman would retreat behind the walls of her home, not reappearing for some months.





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