Mobile Manhood


This is a flash fiction challenge (stories in 100-175 words or less) and each story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Therefore, no serial (continuation) stories. They become too complicated for our readers.

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Photo credit:  Etol Bagam


The Journey to Manhood

It was illegal you see.  To operate what was simply called a ‘gambling den’ but that represented so much more to many men.  To smoke cigars inside had become somehow uncivilised punishable under law.  To lay bets on games of pool, as if that would somehow undermine society.

So our response was to set it all up on a bus that moved continuously from state to state.  With invites that were secret and accompanied by serious oaths of silence. No one wanted to lose this important symbol of manhood.

Once on board the bus, there was no leaving until the pre-destined stop.  The stops were determined by the bus driver that no passenger could access.  The bus continued on its journey bringing more men from servitude to law and country into a place they were once more kings.

(word count:  138 body of text only)


Writer note:

I decided this could be a photo of a bus because of the shape of the roof.  The whole room reminded me of the interior of a bus that hubby’s father built for his family.  At certain angles it just looked like a room in an ordinary house.



    1. If it is like my inlaws one was, it will look like a bus on the outside. The right photo angle and you thought you were in a normal lounge or bedroom. Very clever designs for small places. Now they can even push the walls out when parked.


      1. Ooh.. it sounds like the ones used by celebrities, too. Staring at the photo, this does almost look like a setting inside a bus. 😀


      2. I originally thought train but the fixed track would make it too easy to plot its journey and catch it. Then I remembered my hubby’s dad and the bus he fitted out.


  1. I enjoyed your take on the prompt! I agree – it does look like a bus. Loved that the bus brought men “from servitude to law and country into a place they were more like kings.” Haha! I am sure the men loved that bus!


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