R11: Open Season

Open Season by C. J. Box

I reviewed Force of Nature, the 12th book in the Pickett series earlier this month.  When I finished it I was so excited by this author that I immediately got the 1st book in the series, Open Season, as an eBook.  I finally allowed myself to read it tonight.  I also finished it tonight because it was just that good a read.

Open Season isn’t as graphic in violence in the way that Force of Nature is. The focus is on Pickett’s game warden job.  Pickett’s relationship with his wife and daughters is explored and essential to the plot line.  I loved the story of Miller’s weasel, their near annihilation for greed and the way that Pickett’s daughter is instrumental in saving them.

Definitely a keep it and retaining the reap it status.  I will also get this book for my book case when I can.  I still really want to know the origins of Pickett’s friendship with Romanowski, that is the feature of Force of Nature and may lead to the need for more eBook purchases and scouring second hand book shops.


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