R10: Your Life Matters. The Power of Living Now

Your Life Matters.  The Power of Living Now  by Petrea King

I enjoyed this book.  It is a mixture of Petrea King’s recovery story and stories from people that she works with in her Quest for Life Centre.  I found a lot of what was written here resonated for me and the recovery journey that I am on.   The book is a call for people to think about the way we live from our underlying belief system to how we work with or against our bodies.

I found a lot of passages that I wanted to refer back to and saved them with post its.  So many that the open side of the book looks very much like a porcupine, bristling with pink, purple and yellow spikes.


This is a few of my favourite ones:

  • I love this for sharing comfort to someone who is bereaved or dying: “I know how that place feels for me and I’m willing to be with you while you’re in that place in yourself” pg 172.  I know I hate people telling me they know how I feel!
  • Petrea suggests that in order to liberate ourselves from compulsions or habits like smoking, we need to have willingness to change and the environment to support that (pg 170).
  • I love this as a recovery declaration:  “That’s it! I am no longer willing to allow my reality to be dictated to me by the unhelpful beliefs I have gathered in the past” pg 166
  • A question that I would love to be asked:  “Do you feel as good as you look?”, because I really hate being told I don’t look like I am in pain pg 58
  • This is my favourite:  “Happiness is an inside job” pg 1.  It just speaks to me.

There are many more, including practice exercises for meditation and mindful breathing. This is definitely a keep it and if I spot more by Petrea I will buy them but it is not an active reap it.


What do you think?

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