Generation Geist

Modern Families

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and
join you for dinner, what things about your family would
this person find the most shocking?

To start with, that person ( I am thinking the generation before my grandmother) might be shocked that I eat my dinner on the couch, watching TV with Hubby at his computer, maximising his after work time by multi tasking.  There may also be surprise about what we were eating, which on this night was frozen pizza and hot chips.  I am thinking that the way dinner was prepared, the oven, the freezer and even the television, not to mention the computer, would all be unknown objects. Pretty much anything run by electricity would be new!

The fact that it was just my hubby and I might cause a stir compared to their generations of large families (by family, I am not referring to the extended family).  Mainly to ensure that in the face of the high number of child deaths that some survived.  We are childless, by choice and life experience but live in a home that should be noisy with the sound of children.

I am thinking that when this person “popped” in, hubby and I might be a little shocked.  We probably wouldn’t recognise them and I am hoping they come back from a time when they were hale and hearty and not dead and buried. Otherwise the meal would get very macabre, very fast.


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