The threat to man: the supermarket expedition

Day 6 —Write about a person who would buy all of those items in Day 5.


-Author note-

Since my hubby gave me the letter to base yesterday’s ( W for why me?) writing prompt, he can be the purchaser.  I shall call him H.  This story is part fact and fiction, Hubby is not as bad as I make him out to be.


-The cautionary tale-

H stared at the entrance to the supermarket with great trepidation. Normally his wife did the shopping and the supermarket was her domain. At the most H might trail around behind his wife but he really contributed very little and certainly had no idea of where anything was.  In fact while trailing her he would be reading stories on his iPhone.  He did consume the products she purchased, if that counted for anything.

H had no idea where anything was and furthermore there were so many choices for something simple like the water that his wife had requested. How could there be so many varieties of water? Its water!!  In the same row, H finds wine and feels that some of this is a great reward for suffering the indignity of pushing a shopping trolley in unfamiliar terrain.  What made it worse was that the trolley seemed to prefer turning to the left and H was in a constant fight with it.

H saw the fridge and freezers further up the aisle and was able to toss frozen wedges, whipped cream and wagyu beef into the trolley.  He was closing in on completing the list and he had only been down one side of the wide aisle.  He turned to the other side of the aisle and was able to grab wine biscuits, Weight Watchers products and water melon.  At this stage H was getting concerned about what his wife was doing to herself.  How could wine biscuits and Weight Watchers items be on the same shopping list? Didn’t they battle as much as he and the trolley were?

The final shelves of the aisle contained the cleaning product that his wife wanted.  The window cleaner and washing powder made sense but what was his wife planning to do with the white board marker and white board? Knowing his luck it was going to be a way for her to list all the additional tasks that he had to do while his wife was laid up with a broken ankle.

While not on the list, H bought his wife the latest Woman’s Weekly in the hopes that she might smile and be too occupied to make any further lists of the tasks that he could do for her.  With that last item, he could finally make his way to the checkout and escape the insanity that was grocery shopping.  He did briefly consider venturing further into the store but he put that down to the stress of what he already had done and headed out.

He chose not to think of where these items were supposed to go in the house and instead, think about escaping back to work, as soon as possible!   

Author note:  I did it again I wrote the story and focussed on context rather than the person who did the shop.  So I will have a got here:


H was a tall man.  He usually strode with an air of command but approaching the supermarket his walk slowed and his shoulders drooped. His hair was slicked back, what there was of it, from a number 1 haircut. This hid the sprinkling of grey hair that might otherwise be observable. He also kept his sun glasses on, the glare of the lights was hurting his eyes and he did not want anyone he knew, either recognising him or the fear he was sure showed in his eyes.

H was not familiar with grocery shopping and was more likely to eat at a restaurant than shop for the ingredients that a recipe might require in home cooking.  But his wife asked and he was the kind of hubby that just could not say no.  He knew if he didn’t do it his wife would get on her crutches and do it, probably hurting herself more and potentially needing more care and attention while she healed.  Meaning, for him the potential for more trips like this one, or even worse!

H was employed at the local steel mill, a physical job that explained his muscular physique.  He was much more familiar with wrestling a large stamping machine, rather than the delicate trolley he currently wielded.   He nearly bowled over a small child as he careened around the aisle fighting the trolley all the way.   He thought moving faster might make the trip far less stressful than it was proving to be.  He was quite wrong!

It was H’s fondest wish that he never had to venture into a supermarket ever again.  He was thinking a 5 week fast might be the way to ensure he never had to.  He could afford to lose some weight and maybe convince his wife she could too!



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