“My Precious”

Keeping up with the Jones’:  Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.

It is the perfect circle of golden light.  When the light touches it, it is refracted onto the nearby surfaces, expanding its sphere of influence. Despite sitting in a display case with many similar coloured and displayed items this is the one I keep returning my gaze to. Drawing the eye is a beautiful piercing beacon of dark blue sapphire.  It is intense, but achingly simplistic, concentrated colour in such a small shape.

While very light in weight it is still remarkably valuable, carrying a hefty price.  I lust to have it sit upon my right hand, ring finger.  I am not sure I would ever take it off.  When I first saw “the ring” it was half price.  A stunning $1500.00 (New Zealand dollars).  Way out of my price tag even with the reduced price but oh how I wanted it.

When I try it on it is a perfect fit, like it was crafted my my very finger.  I feel a rush of emotions.  Somehow the finger it is on looks thinner and more dignified, the hand is more elongated and elegant and my whole appearance is elevated to a woman of style and wealth.  Of course in a sane moment I realise I could buy a secondhand car for its price but that intrusive thought disrupts my fantasy only briefly before I return to my admiration of the ring.

I bargain for a potential lay by, defeated by the store condition that they did not lay by sale items.  Although for a moment it is in my grasp, if I can pay it back faster than the normal lay by period of six months.  I can not.  I consider a bank loan but thankfully before I can burden myself in the weight of more debt, sanity prevails and I state that I will think about it and exit the shop before lustful desire beats back my rational conscience.

I love dark sapphires, despite my birthstone being peridot, a pale green in colour.  This ring, although ring sounds just too simple for what it would represent, would fit perfectly with my engagement ring, earrings and necklace of the same colour.  Although my engagement ring is a circle of white gold, rather than yellow.

As I leave the shop, I feel that a piece of my heart is being left there.  It aches with the loss, mourning what the ring represents.  I return often to look at my ring, on loan in the moments I try it on, but never destined to be a permanent fixture of my jewelry collection.  I am a lesser person because of this.


Author note:

This is a lighthearted  piece.  While the ring and some of the story is real I have not donned black robes of mourning or observe days to grieve in the absence of owning this ring!

This prompt made me laugh because I have family with the surname Jones.


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