R4: Sunstroke

Sunstroke by Jesse Kellerman (2006)


I started this book in 2015 and it was such hard work I kept putting it down and reading anything else.  I determined to finish it today, hoping  I would find the novel’s saving grace.  Sadly I did not.  The back cover proclaims that this novel proves that Kellerman has the talent of his international best selling parents.  I am not sure who they are but I am not as convinced he inherited their writing ability. 

There was no breathing room in Sunstroke for the reader.  Every detail was heavily laboured upon and any possible thought the reader derived in the book was thrashed to death in the plot.  Despite this the plot was torturous and confusing, drowning in the detritus of the words. 

Sunstroke could do with a major edit and an injection of substantive plot.  It was mind numbingly boring in places.  I got excited around page 156 because there seemed to be a twist but it was quickly buried in the detail burdened “story”. 

This is a definite sweep it and as this is Kellerman’s debut I will go so far as avoiding any further writing.  As a thriller, the greatest thrill Sunstroke offered me was to finally finish it and never view it again.

Has anyone else read Sunstroke and found merit within, that I did not?

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