R2: Indelible

Read two:  Indelible by Karin Slaughter (2004).



This is the fourth book in Slaughter’s series featuring Sara Linton and Jeffrey Tolliver based in Grant County.  I have read many of Slaughter’s books and this one provided a lot of the background information that the later stories referred to.  In saying that each of her novels have proven to be able to be read separately.  This is in part because Slaughter imbues her characters with the required depth to inform the reader and keep them entertained.

Indelible starts at a cracking pace, then slows to a fade back into the past to when Sara and Jeffrey first met.  The book continues that way the past actions informing the drama playing out in the present time.  After initially being caught out by the time change, I paid attention to the time and date annotations that indicated when the chapter was based in. The rhythm of the present chapters and the past chapters was an interesting strategy.

I read, or should I say consumed, this book in a day.  It was thoroughly enjoyable as all her books have been.  It is a no brainer that this book would join her others on the book shelf.  With an easy rating of keep it.

Off topic slightly, I have always liked the authoress’s last name of Slaughter, it fits so tidily with the type of crime novel she writes!  This book contains quite a bit of “slaughter”.

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