Leg warmers legacy

DAILY PROMPT:  New Sensation

Source:  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/new-sensation/

Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.

I was trying to remember what was popular when I was growing up.  I never followed fashion trends but I do remember leg warmers of varying shades of bright colour, usually knitted.  I used to like wearing them and I had the ankles/calves to do so.  I felt like a dancer in them and I did take dance classes when I was young and fit.  I think the dancer from the movie Flashdance made them popular  … I mean, look at her:



When I might have been able to wear fashionable clothes they never interested me.  I was always more comfortable in jeans and a loose top, fat or thin.  It suited me when I rode my scooter, protecting my legs from loose gravel spraying up and the occasional spill.  It became habit.

I never think much about clothes.  I am presently the size where fashionable is more of, make sure everything is covered and hide what I can, than reflecting the favourites of the day.   I never really needed clothes to define me or to show who I was by the colour or the brand I compulsively wore.  If I like it I wear it.  If I stop and think about what others think about what I am wearing I will never leave my house.

My mother used to sew some of my clothes.  The kindest I can say is that they didn’t actually fall apart when I was wearing them.  Although that occurring may have been a mercy for all who had to look upon them.  I am still waiting for my Girl Guide uniform and she probably still has the material lying about!

What is fashionable lately just makes me feel old.  I nearly died of shock the first time I saw a petticoat worn on the outside of the clothing.  I mean why?  I do love that if I hold my clothes in a wardrobe for a few years they will come around again as fashionable or be called some trendy new name that attracts a whole new following of, dare I say it, gullible trend followers.  It will be their first time as fashionable as I would have got them on sale out of their season in the sun.

As long as I am covered that is about it on fashion for me.


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