30 Day Challenge

I am going to do give this challenge an attempt.  I heard about it reading the blog:  https://whatthechildsees.wordpress.com/.  This blog is well worth a read as the blogger speaks with a raw and honest voice that is often absent for many people trying to explain who they are.

The original source is: http://marcimentalhealthmore.com/about/ and this post contains the master list of questions:


MIA challenge

My objective is greater understanding of a part of my life that I have often simply repressed or believed to be incorrect.  Like an airing of dirty laundry but only I ever thought of it as dirty and kept it hidden in the back of the cupboard.

Day One:  What is/are your mental illness(es)? Explain it a little.

This one appears easy as I had a recent psychiatry assessment in 2014.  But it isn’t the words that can create the unease it is what they can mean for the person and equally, how they are judged by and in society.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

A constant diagnosis for most of my life.  A tidy four words for the trauma that has shadowed my life and still can.  It simply means I experienced a trauma that I did not recover from in a manner that a “normal” person experiencing a similar trauma would.  It is in the DSMIV if the reader requires a more clinical explanation but I choose to write my experience of it from years of living it.

I have residual symptoms that include hypervigilence, which means I am very aware of where I am at any time and where any potential threat or required exit is; anxiety; nightmares and in the recent past I have had flashbacks and waking nightmares.  Much of the symptoms are being managed now by effective medication combinations.


Anxiety Disorder:

I always just lumped this under PTSD, but now it has its own clinical line in my diagnoses.  I find it hard to manage my stress, when in the past I was always able to work with and through it.  I experience panic attacks but now take medication which is beneficially calming.


Major Depressive Disorder

This one was also combined by me into the PTSD diagnosis.  It should really have been more acknowledged by myself and therefore treatment might have occurred sooner.


Panic disorder with agoraphobia

This is a new one for me but to be honest I much prefer being at home and not really anywhere else.  I am just getting used to it and my own preconceptions of agoraphobia.


?Pain disorder with psychological features


?Pain disorder associated with psychological features and general medical condition – fibromyalgia

These requite more investigation to confirm them or decide which is more accurate.  I also have a recent diagnosis of arthritis in my knees.  Pain has been a consistent companion of mine for many years, that it might have psychological features offers hope for an easing.


And there ends day one: my current clinical list of mental health diagnoses.   Day two will explore how I feel about them in greater detail – see you then!





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