Write here, write now

Write Here, Write Now:
Write a post entirely in the present tense.


I love the play on words that this prompt has.  But I confess it is a challenge to write purely in the present tense.  I rely, on you the writer to tell me where I slip.  I usually use the passive tense or drift between them. This will be a short write!!

I sit on my couch with my sore ankle up and my laptop rests on my thighs. I feel the heat from the lap top and the weight is familiar.  B1 is considering an afternoon sleep on my knee, as he peers around the screen to rate his chances of fitting between my stomach and the laptop.

The rain continues to fall.  I love the sound of it on our roof.  It had been sporadic but now it is a steady flow like background music to my writing.  I am wondering if anyone else is struggling with this?  It feels awkward to concentrate on a tense.  I feel quite stifled in creativity.

B1 walks off with a meow, seeking his favourite place in the largest cat bed.  He stares with great intent through the curtain of rain.  I often wonder what a cat looks at when they have that fixed stare or is it always the hunt for birds?  I can hear his quiet grumbling as he settles to sleep.

I will now read other posts, to see how it should be done.  I humbly apologise for my poor attempt!  Feel free to correct me so that I learn.

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  1. You did well! It felt like a challenge to me as well. I really noticed how much I use the past tense and even a passive voice. It was a good exercise in trying not to do that.

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