Stroke of Midnight
Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

At the stroke of midnight I was on my couch alone except for the cats writing a poem for my blog.  My hubby was in bed, as usual for New Year. It all had the familiar feel to it.  I like seeing the New Year in and hubby doesn’t.  Neither of us are great socialites or drink so it was a bottle of coke and my beloved salt and vinegar chips to munch on.  I was watching Criminal Minds and thoroughly engaged in all of it.

I managed to say “rabbits” as the first word I spoke for a new month and year (hoping the combination brings even more luck).  No idea where the idea of saying “rabbits” as the first words spoken in new month came from but when I remember I do it.  Its easier when there is no one to talk to bar the cats!!  No accidental sentence breaching the stroke of midnight.

There was a unique few moments of sheer entertainment, if there had been an onlooker in my lounge.  B1, B2 and Tabbi entered the room hot on the tail of a small sparrow.  What followed was me trying to save the bird and the various items of furniture that were in danger of being knocked flying in their aerial antics to secure their prey.  Poor B1 would catch the bird and then trot over to me for a victory display.  However, part of that display led to his opening his mouth and the bird flew free again!!  I did manage to save the poor bird much to the disdain of the onlooking cats.

Have a great New Year everyone!!  Look forward to reading and writing more in 2016.




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