R1: The Deadhouse


Since this is the first of my book reviews I thought I would outline my grandiose plans for the year.  This includes the goal of not ruining the read for someone else, so no spoilers!!

  • I will review each book I write, mainly what I liked or didn’t and why.
  • Then I will rate it:  keep it or sweep it, which is whether I am putting this one on the book shelf or I am sweeping it out the door.
  • The R followed by a number in the title will tally the read count through the year and I hope to beat it next year.

Read One is:  The Deadhouse by Linda Fairstein (2001)

I believe this to be my first read of this author.  If I had read her before it was not memorable, although some of the titles in her book list seemed vaguely familiar to me.  I was encouraged to read this by the favourable recommendations (2) by Patricia Cornwell on the front and back covers. Cornwell is an authoress that I follow and enjoy.  It is true that no one is going to use a negative comment, but I used it as a guide to Fairstein writing in the same genre.

The lead protagonist is Assistant District Attorney, Alexandra Cooper and NYPD detectives, primarily Mike Wallace.  There are three novels featuring the same characters previous to this one and I believe that is part of the problem I had with this read.  The Deadhouse relied too much on the relationships exploration and development of those earlier books.   It did not successfully read as a stand alone novel for me.  The characters new and old were just lacking the depth that keeps me turning pages and feeling like I am walking alongside friends.

I have read other series books out of order and found that they worked as stand alone stories, while complementing their series development.   Usually the read makes me hunt the earlier books down but sadly not this one.  This is not the only problem I encountered with this book.  I wasn’t drawn into the story with the plot feeling too disjointed to fully appreciate the story.  I spent a lot of time trying to work out who was who and even when the perpetrator was first mentioned and why it was him.

Overall, this first read of 2016 was a trial more than a pleasure.  I started it late December and read it piecemeal because it just didn’t draw me in to spend any time consuming and being consumed by it.  I did like the inclusion of the historical information about a part of NY I was unfamiliar with.  But my overall rating is:

Sweep it!



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  1. Good review. I like your simply “Keep it or Sweep it” method of rating them. This doesn’t sound like a book I’d enjoy either (but then again I review mainly Science Fiction and Horror). Have you read the J.D. Robb “In Death” series?

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    1. I love love love J D Robb and twice a year I get very excited lol. I am hoping she mixes it up a bit in the next one or get Eve pregnant lol can you imagine her commentary over that and if she shot Roarke for causing it lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think she stated somewhere that IF she ever knocks Eve up, it’ll be at the end of the series.

        I don’t want Eve knocked up. I enjoy the bickering over it happening too much for it to actually happen. Now Peabody getting knocked up by McNab and Eve having to deal with ANOTHER pregnant friend again…I could totally get behind.


      2. I love his relationship with Eve, Roarke and his “boys” in his unit. It was hilarious when he was sick and wore those clothes he wanted to “accidentally” destroy

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      3. No problem! not long till a review on the new Robb story lol I am thinking I might try the first book in the Fairstein series that the Deadhouse fits in but it wouldn’t be a first choice read for me.

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