Turn that page

I saw a Facebook post that had the 365 days of the year as pages in a book (Source:  Elizabeth Gilbert).  Therefore, yesterday on the last day of 2015 we were at 364/365.  Today, the first day of 2016 becomes 1/365.

I like that each day is a new page.  You turn over the last one, its still present in the book but you are now presented with a new page to write on it what you wish.  You can bring some of yesterday forward or leave it all on the turned page.  Which can alter how much influence the previous pages have on the current one and beyond.

I like the image of the book.  It gives me a physical example of how I could stop living in the past.  If I imagine my life as a book, the pages of my past aren’t gone. I am choosing to keeping turning pages over and moving forward. Rather than turning back pages and just sitting in that page.

Following the natural flow of turning the pages in a book and keep reading forward.  Referencing the previous pages if required but not staying there as I have the urge to return to my book mark and keep moving forward. Writing and reading each day as they come.


I just liked the idea.

What do you think?


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  1. I really like this idea! I always liked the analogy of my life being just like a book that needed to be written, or having its pages fulfilled but I never thought about the importance of turning that page and keep enjoying the following chapters! Great idea, let’s do it!

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