Giving up?

Some nights just feel so very bad

Toward the world I just get so mad

Rounds of pointless hate, endless pain

Causing me to scream, again & again


I sit alone on the cold bathroom floor

Needing something else, something more

The required pills are all within reach

Please, please do not start to preach


I need something more to keep me here

To stop me following peace elsewhere?

It becomes a valid, repeating thought

Arising each time I become distraught


It has become a way to try and distract

My mind from its destructive track

Relentless thoughts to end it all

I just sit there shivering about to bawl


But it eventually passes, life goes on

And so do I but a little more worn

Seeing hope dwindle to a slow drip

Not sure it will make the entire trip


But it is now freshly 2016, a new start

To move into it with an open heart

I hope this year is gentle to one and all

That world peace settles on us like a shawl


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