The webbed world

20151231_171530.jpgThe photograph was taken when out driving today and is the side mirror of hubby’s Aurion.

This is what looking in the mirror can be like for many people. The cob webs are like the tendrils of the past.  They are very adhesive to each other and the surface they are laying upon.  Trying to look through them further distorts what is seen.  Trying to remove them can result in them sticking to you and it just becomes messy to remove them cleanly.

The part that is seen can be so affected by the web coverage that the result is such a departure from reality that it in no way helps an already distorted self image.  Only the far top corner is easily viewed.  But in doing so the person viewing can feel even more fragmented.  It does not help the person from a cohesive view of their appearance.


Can you see what I mean?

What happens when you look in the mirror?

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