New Year blog resolutions 2016

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New Year blog resolutions 2016:

  1. I will review some of my beloved books.  I religiously buy authors like Nalini Singh and J D Robb (Nora Roberts).  The reason to review is to enjoy the books more by reading once for enjoyment and once for review.  It will also keep what I studied, and how I wrote, in Media Studies alive and in action.
  2. I will undertake the Daily Prompt, the Photo Challenge and Flash Fiction.  I simply enjoy them so why not!  Plus they bring diversity to what I am writing.
  3. I will read more blogs to enjoy the words of others and aim to write constructive comments – to give back for the comments and reads that I appreciate so much
  4. I will write at least one post a day besides the ones I am writing from WordPress.  This replaces the rash of writing, then stopping and starting.  I want to make this an entrenched habit of 2016.
  5. I want to get 200 followers just because I think it should be a goal


If you have any ideas that would make utilising my blog more enjoyable, to you the reader, please let me know.

I look forward to reading other blogger resolutions and the writing generated from those.

Thanks for supporting me in 2015.  I will endeavour not to let you down in 2016.

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