Demons of the night


Demons of the night

Sent to give me a fright

I wish I could give you flight

And make my life finally right

1/  The demons stalk my sleep tonight

I move my head and see the sight

They all line up, one by one

To make me the target of their fun


2/  Demon one is that of lust

For my need, nay desire to trust

He spews lies that really hurt

And from learning trust divert


3/  Demon two is that of greed

Wanting for myself as need

He shouts: you are no value!

And I take his word as true


4/  Demon three is the teller of lies

Which is most of my life, I realise

He makes me deny the complete truth

I need to become an honesty sleuth


5/  Demon four is rather stealthy

Helping me to stay unhealthy

Feeding comfort rather than hunger

He is quite the habit warmonger


6/  Demon five is just a trickster

Forcing you to drink an elixir

That makes you think it is alright

Instead of being equal to the blight


7/  Demon six is a nasty tease

Spreading evil as a disease

He infects your every mood

Leaving you of hope, denude


8/  There are so many, many more

All of them lean against the bedroom wall

Watching me endlessly toss and turn

Waiting for their chance to make me burn






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