Ageless Meandering

Young At Heart:  What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

I sometimes feel I stopped aging at 16 or thereabouts.  The sheer violence of what happened seared into my cells and aging was blunted.   In reality, I think my mind just stopped recognising the changes in my body as it shut down all the vital responses in order to simply survive.  I haven’t given aging a lot of conscious thought but it seems behind the scenes was a great army of “suppressive” forces.

I do like the concept of only being as old as you feel.  It is kind of ironic since more often than not I don’t feel, so does that mean I have no age?  I guess age is important for the surveys, 45 – 50, female, obese, arthritis, fibromyalgia and PTSD etc etc.  Then they can compare those statistics with people of similar ages.  But I wonder if they ever explore behind the statistics to the life story that created the diagnosis.   I would bet that story would, in many ways be unique to someone with similar statistics.

Maybe the stories provide the answers more than the statistics.  For example, obesity is simply eating too much but if it is created by depression or stress, how is it then coded.  Obesity is a consequence of food, but that food is the consequence of other disease processes.   Maybe if those were addressed then they, and obesity might be removed from the statistics.  I think it is sad when statistics are expected or believed to tell the whole story.  We miss so much.

We make being young or feeling young some magical age that we need to retain against all comers.  Including the passage of time.  But why?  Some of the most beautiful faces are those that wear their life experiences etched into their faces.   I think it is wrong to revere any age over others, what is the point beyond another reason for depression to come calling. And if you were like me, when I was young I wanted to be older to make my own decisions about food, fashion and my bed time.  Maybe, as humans we are just never satisfied.

I prefer the elderly to the young and that they can share what their life experiences.  One of my greatest memories is the sharing of a 102 year old woman I was caring for and my 103 year old Aunt the tales of their youth. It is just so contrasted from how I grew up and fascinating.  Not just the turning of pages of history but listening to them from the women that were there.  Magical.

So age is a number,

seems the best statement for me.  You feel it or you don’t dependent on life experiences along the way.  You can blame it or draw pride in it.  It marks each year that you are upon the planet and I guess the rest is on us.



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