The hesitant genie

Generous Genies:  Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?


This one is a little torturous for me to consider.

On reading the prompt I instantly thought of a friend that just wants to reconnect with his family. If I gave him that wish, would it also have to have a guaranteed happy ending?  Which could include apologies and a better relationship going forward.  But wouldn’t that mean changing the basic natures of the people within this family dynamic and that then impacts on their relationships external to this one.  It seems simple, the re-connection of a family, but the reality for the wish to provide exactly what my friend wants would require some very specific and careful wording.  I mean what is the point of connecting only to have a bitter fight occur in moments splintering the family again or the presence of underlying resentment of being made to ‘make up’ with a family member that they had chosen to effectively throw away? How can resentments and pain of this nature, simply be wished away.  Re-connect could simply mean a random meeting on the street and not a repair to the very fabric of these relationships.

Wishing is VERY technical!!

My mind contorts itself thinking about wishes to be rich.  Where does the money come from?  Is this person becoming rich predicated on someone else becoming poor?  If it comes via a lottery ticket, does that mean someone who was going to win with their numbers, doesn’t?  What if the money comes out of ‘thin air’ so to speak, it could crash the economy or the wisher could be arrested for using counterfeit money?  Becoming rich through a wish has always seemed faintly alarming to me.  In New Zealand we keep tax documents for 5 years in case of audit.  What documents and evidence of right of ownership does a monetary wish come with it?  Do you even pay tax on it?  See contorting brain trying to make sense of this wish!!  Wishing to be rich should come with a warning of potential trauma!

Maybe all wishes should have a warning that they may not have the outcome that the wisher is aiming for.  I am not sure that the granting of a wish is a gift.  It could be a curse.  I mean if we consider the premise that we are the sum of our experiences.  One event happens and we become more guarded or open and that choice or reaction impacts decisions from that moment forward.  If that event disappears or never occurs then your response to it is gone too and the follow through impacts.  Can you see what I mean?   Here’s an example, a tyrannical dictator turns right at an intersection and narrowly missing being hit by a car, he goes on to destroy half the planet in his search for wealth and power.  He turns left and is hit by the car, left permanently disabled and is largely ignored by others as a result of this.

A wish could put him back on the path of the ruthless dictator and bye bye half the planet.

I am going to grant one wish  and it is to myself.  I am liberated from the bottle and have freedom of choice so I choose me.  I choose to banish the additional wishes.  With my one wish I want to seamlessly integrate into human society, provided with a home, job and living income that detracts from no one else’s life in anyway.  I want an infallible and simple backstory that harms none.  I will save you from the boring technicalities of how I word my wish, I figure that with the many years as a genie granting wishes and seeing the consequences I should be able to fine tune and safety proof the wording of my wish.

Lets be careful.  I keep the three wishes so that I can trial what actually happens when my one is enacted and if it sucks I can revert and have another go.  Who knows maybe normal is boring and I might want to try out being a ruthless dictator,

they do say power corrupts and three wishes is a lot of power!!!



What do you think?

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