My Novel: Hidden Realities

Chapter Three:  Beware of Dragon

Rebounding from Jay, Audreana wanted what she had lost.  Or rather she wanted the emotions that loving Jay had created for her.  She wanted to be a man’s universe, to support him in the way that she had Jay.  She needed to be helpful, it now defined her and she lusted for that feeling again. Audreana was vulnerable in a way that is never fully explored in Mills and Boon.  Those stories were safer, there was always a way out, protection or self preservation instincts kicking in.  Audreana had none of that and then she met Dragon.

The romance of Dragon and Audreana began in University.  Dragon was older and wiser.  He overwhelmed her in the effusiveness of his devotion to her happiness.  But he sealed it with one spectacular move, he told Audreana she was no longer a virgin.  That her cherished dream was never going to come true and in that stroke he destroyed any fight she had.  She succumbed to the belief that no one would now want her.  That she was lucky to have him and that he still wanted her, despite her being soiled property.  From that day on she was his.

Dragon was the name of the being that he told Audreana lived inside of him.  He would beat her so that ‘Dragon’ was spared the beating and over time he just became Dragon.  By the time he shared this insane belief, much of Audreana was already destroyed, so she barely responded to the insanity of the claim.  Dragon had a game that he liked to play.  He would tell Audreana that he was going to rape her at some stage during the day. The anticipation would drive her insane, the dread of how much it would hurt tormented her every breath.  Audreana would beg him to just do it, so it was over and she could breathe for the rest of the day.

That was Audreana’s final betrayal of herself.  After that she was little more than Dragon’s trained dog.  He said jump and she would ask how high.  Dragon isolated Audreana from family and friends.  None of her family liked Dragon but her parents accepted him as her boyfriend and he was allowed to stay over.  This meant that not even her bedroom was safe. Neither her home nor her family were a barrier against Dragon.  She hid the damage from the blows that he strategically placed and wore long sleeve tops to hide the tattoo of ownership Dragon had dug into her right upper arm.

Audreana’s degradation is simply a version of the same story that happens to women who find themselves in abusive relationships.  Alone, isolated by someone who should love them, they often perish in the insane hate that their love and presence somehow generates in another.  Audreana is simply another statistic and not even an original one.  She was so good at hiding that no one even knew or remotely guessed, not her friends that felt she had abandoned them and not her family, that she needed help.



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