Lego Gathering

Gathering:  Document a gathering and share your interpretation with us.

lego 012


It was a momentous occasion.  The first photo shoot for the Lego mini-figures.  The photo site was at Graystone Castle and as many mini-figures gathered for it as could possibly make it.

There had been the odd skirmish when some bought treats like pizza or pie.  Although these items were part of their costume, the photo shoot had been very long and the aromas triggered food grabs and foot fights.  In fact Nelson had had to use his club to protect Krusty and his beloved pie

One character bought a boom box and that provided entertainment while the photographer set up.  Of course, his choice of music caused a stir in some of the older characters, who A, did not understand where the music was coming from and B, what the hell was that noise?  We are talking early Egyptian, among others.

That the Panda was interviewed in front of the others also caused a stir of discontent.  The prevailing thought was that just because she had a cute baby panda meant they got more attention than, for example, the less than cute alien.  And yet they all cost a similar price!!

Luckily this shot was captured before all hell broke loose and Lego pieces were strewn tragically all over the site.  We all know how painful standing on Lego pieces is … it stopped castle visits for quite awhile the cleanup proceeded.

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