Floating Free

Once long ago I sat under a tree

It was at a lonely time for me

There was no one else around

Just dead leaves on the ground

They crunched as I slipped to sit

Some so fragile that they split

The pieces of leaf made me feel sad

That I caused it made me feel so bad

I feel depressed when the leaves all shed

Even though they can make me a soft bed

Rustling sounds that are not unpleasant

In a place I seasonally like to frequent

In the summer, the leaf colours brighten

My mood that seriously needs to lighten

Tones of reds, greens, orange and browns

Creating smiles on my face not frowns

I don’t press the leaves into books

Because over time they lose their looks

Their fragility is so hard to know and see

To remember they were once vital to a tree

It is peaceful here in my special spot

I think of it, when there or not

A place to find a moments rest

For this time I am truly blessed


Image Source:  Writer.

This is a tree in my neighbourhood – looking splendid in summer but so bare in winter

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