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Chicken works out

Now you may find exercise a trial

But look at the extra mile

That Chicken will go

To let me know

That she loves me

And wants me happy

She just makes me smile

When she contorts for a while

Showing her white belly

More entertaining than telly

Till she falls and we all must pretend

That this was not the episode end



Her sit ups – she can get quite high before falling back



Her twist


You can just make out her tail on the side of the chair in this last photo (she may or may not have fallen off the chair – I can not confirm or deny at this time – yes she is watching me)



I was 46 years old when I begun this blog, female and married with a house full of cats (7). My past is littered with the impact of events that happened when I was a teen. Two loves of my life have been nursing and studying. I just completed my Master of Arts: Media Studies endorsement. My blog will be about the things I think about, that might be better served being written rather than squirreled away in my mind festering. It is the meanderings of my mind as I seek to define myself and my world.

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