Can I trust you?

Safety First:  Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

There I was.  Curled in my favourite spot.  High up and mainly out of sight. I had been here many times before and always felt safe and secure.  It was the perch to no where so not many others bothered to climb to the summit and see the treasure that this spot offered.  To look down on all comers from a safe and very strategic position.

Then it happened!

There was an inappropriate level of movement and suddenly rather than feeling safe I felt very unstable.

The rock solid surface that I could normally feel beneath my nest was suddenly bouncy and seemed unable to bear my weight.  I felt like I was beginning to slide to my doom.

I was perched over an impossible choice, to lay back and hope there was no abrupt ride to the ground below or to leap free and expose myself to the lurking enemy.

I waited barely moving, not breathing and limbs tight with the tension of clinging on for dear life.

Suddenly, I felt that I could remain where I was.  I mean it had to be safe as my “servant” was taking photos of me and then come over and put my nest into a safer position.

She wouldn’t photograph me if it was unsafe .. right?


Authors note:  And yes I saved him before the final slide could result in a loud crash and lack of dignity.  The kitten is my baby B1 – named for the bananas in pajamas – him and his sister (yep – b2) were supposed to be re – homed but no one would take them both.  He thanked me by getting up, stretching and coming over to the couch to sit with me.  He loves that I am sore and can’t move about too much.



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