The joy of cats

The long nights are the worst

I often feel I have been cursed

But then a cat sits upon my knee

Returning joy in life, back to me

Cats do not demand too much

Some food, a rub and the such

They purr on any little contact

Hoping the fingers do not retract

They vie for their share of love

A long stroke with the pet glove

A bowl of some treasured treat

Especially some if its fresh meat

They smother me in my bed

Wanting to sleep by my head

My legs feel like leaded weights

Draping over them common traits

I love my cats, each and every one

They bring me joy, life and fun

My life can be very bland

They have me at their command

Cats do not have human owners

They prefer life – treat donors

They love the warmth from the sun

Making life all about the fun

I would do well to emulate them

To give my life deeper momentum

To learn to appreciate each moment

To be in this and any time, content






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  1. I think it’s great. The poem wasn’t heading the way it did but at the third line a cat did jump on my knee and demand love and attention. They always know.


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