Rhyme for time

My brain is currently spewing rhyme

Keeping me almost sane in this time

While I feel useless and un – needed

The type of feeling oft un – heeded


I try to pretend that I am okay

But the reality, not in any way

Hope is just too far a reach

Please stop, do not preach


It can not be fair for every one

But how is it more so for some?

Why can I not be one of them?

I worked hard within the system


Some prefer absolute solitude

Some protect it being rude

I just make sure I hide away

Not in society for another day


Forgotten I am causing no trouble

My life simply lies in rubble

I have no now nor a future

I can not be united with a suture


Pieces that gathering won’t help

I can barely raise a yelp

I just sit and watch it go

Everything I thought to know




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