Christ – must buy

This poem will offend, heck in writing it it offended me.  But it is how I feel and I am in pain from my ankle and being on it most of the day when I shouldn’t and dammit, no excuses, this is my poem, read it at your own risk.


I am spiritual but not overly religious

I am not trying to be rude or contentious

But if one more person offers salvation

I may change the fate of that creation


I love that you have your strong faith

But I am not a poor lost, needs saving, waif

So please, I implore, believe what you do

But leave me out of what you deem true


It is better than the ruthless retail side

Where Christmas is simply a hijacked ride

To make money to save the entire year

To beat off that major debtor fear


I do like getting together with family

With the in – laws it can be clammily

But the sharing of food and drink

Can bring Happiness right to the brink


It is also the hardest time of year

When those you love are not there

Your heart can ache for the loss

Alcohol can numb and become boss


So eat and be merry, but drive safe

Remember I am not a helpless waif

Leave me to my misery and mood

I really did not mean to be rude



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