Barb – me


Out of your reach: Was there a toy or

thing you always wanted as a child,

during the holidays or on your birthday,

but never received?

I have always wanted a Barbie.  It has become a long standing family joke. Hubby often offers to buy me one, I suspect it was mainly to stop me moaning about it.  But it is just too late and the wrong ending for the family joke.

70s style barbies

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I had one doll that I loved called Amanda and I still have her.  I am pretty sure as a child I refused to replace her, plus Barbie’s were so expensive when I was a child.  They kept bringing out the next “big” Barbie so it got confusing fast on which was the exact Barbie I wanted.  Amanda became personalised.  As in, her leg bears the scrape where I ran over her, after she fell off my bike – I was sure she could hold on … doh!!

I remember crying myself to sleep when I couldn’t work out how to look after Amanda when I died.  I was so sure that she was alive and would be neglected without me to protect her (I was quite young!).  I used to tell her EVERYTHING.  She now sits beside my bed in her pretty in pink outfit (I really need to knit her one that fits better).

I recently tried to get her “fixed” but they would have removed the leg with the black scrape and her hair (kind of damaged with some err beauty treatments of the past I inflicted on her).  She would not have been my Amanda any longer, just a bog standard one, minus the memories of all her “personalisations” (OK – so I am being PC on that word, better than doll torture).

I remember all the debates about Ken, Barbie’s figure and lack of employment.  Of course all of these then provided much more retail sale possibility, as Barbie adapted to “real life”.   I know that some women believe that they have to look like Barbie to be a ‘real’woman.  I think for me to look like Barbie, I need a massive blond dye attack and maybe my bones shaved too, without anything else except maybe a skin covering for decency (that does not sound that appealing, well the way I wrote it doesn’t).

I don’t have much from my childhood but I still have Amanda.  I am so glad that Barbie is a family joke and the not the doll from my childhood that holds all my childhood secrets.

Amanda ( at least in her 30’s)
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