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By the skin of your teeth Share a time when you narrowly avoided disaster

This prompt from the eBook of 365 prompts reminded me of a wee driving near miss.  I live in a semi rural area, 20 mins from a large town.  We are a smallish town. This is all in NZ terms, our large is probably America’s tiny.  When we first moved here I used to go down random roads to get a better idea of the area as a whole.  Plus the scenery in this area is gorgeous.

I will confess that I am a tad speedy, especially if I am in a hurry.  On this particular day I was sure I had a short cut and confidently sped down an unfamiliar road.  Suddenly it abruptly went from tar seal to lose gravel.  In my stupid belief I was bullet proof, I didn’t slow down to match the unfamiliar road surface or turns this road might take.

On the next sharp turn I panicked and lost control of my car as I tried to negotiate it.  This road had no posted signs on how fast to take turns but I am betting that I was going way to fast.  There was the sounds of hundreds of stones hitting my panel work and that was terrifying.  As was the ditch on each side of the gravel road.

I had my dad’s voice in my head saying relax and do not slam the breaks on.  I kept the car on the road somehow and slowly reduced speed.  When I stopped I just sat and shook for ages before I could start off again.  I eventually reaching tar seal again and continued my journey on familiar roads.

It is better to be late

Take time to hesitate

On unknown roads to travel

Before your life can unravel

Ending a splat on the road

Because of ignoring the road code

I remember that my life didn’t flash before my eyes but the story of the car that crashed into a rural ditch filled with water and the subsequent drowning of the driver stuck in the car, did.  I have no idea if the ditches on this gravel road had water but it made me slow down.

I still drive down new roads but I do so a lot more cautiously now.

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