When fear is here

Inspired by:

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room

Source:  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/postaday/ebook-365-writing-prompts/


If I shut my eyes am I still in the room?

Where you led me to my doom

I sit shrinking in the corner

Like a lone dejected mourner


I am mourning safety and life

This room of bitter strife

In one corner lies a shadow

My breathing getting shallow



The room is dark, no light seeps in

I do not know how I can ever win

I am terrorised by the sounds

Spiders moving together on mounds


If I gingerly reach my hand out

I will touch horrific things no doubt

There is the smell of rotting decay

From which I just can not get away


The ground crunches underneath my feet

Of previous victims that tried to cheat

To escape their already scripted fate

Their deaths recorded in chiseled slate


There is no door, the windows barred

Walls with scratches deeply scarred

Echoes of past violent screams

Nightmares reign never dreams


I am doomed  now to die

In this room where I cry

No chance of any rescue

This room my death venue


Buy a ticket, watch me squirm

Now I am merely an endosperm

Nutrient for what dwells here

Dying from my single worst fear


You make it public, to see my dying

Revealing me to those prying

I hate being in the public eye

No privacy for me even as I die






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