Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?


Scott Eastham was a mentor to me when I fell in love with Media Studies. Sadly he died before I could do my Masters Thesis with him.  I only knew him for a short time.  I came to know more about him from meeting his family and the other people that he had worked alongside, both students and colleagues.

Scott was simply an amazing human being.  What I most learnt from him was that every moment is an opportunity to learn.  I learnt it by watching how Scott lived his life, which he did by doing just that.  He would even find learning opportunities in the students that came to him to learn.

He taught me to never stop asking questions.  To question myself as much as anyone or thing else.  To understand what motivated me and what was a barrier. His faith in what I could achieve, which was far more than I thought possible, was a bolster to my lagging confidence.


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Source:  Scott Eastham


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