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There are two cars in my town, Feilding that offend me.  I see them and I want to growl.  I find that now that I can’t stand them, I am always seeing them all over time.  The first has some racial slurs based on who the owner blames for 9/11 all over their back bumper.  Every time I see it I have the urge to spray paint it ( I have refrained thanks to my law abiding soul).  It is provocation that just is not needed at this time in history.  And from the one time I managed to read some of it without snarling its crap on facts too.

The second looks like a cop car with the markings on the front just like our police.  You might think that before you read the bumper that says “ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) sucks”.  I am not really able to argue with that one, they can truly suck but they can also be great…

The front bumper has the words “Better rape stories”.  Which is a play on the recruitment advertisement that ran for the police.  One example of their advert is shown below:


New Zealand Police – Better Work Stories – BBQ – YouTube

I find this really offensive but again it is technically not a lie.  Some police officers in NZ were recently apprehended for rape offenses against women.  Being a rape survivor I just find it confronting.  I need to feel safe and I have to trust the police for much of that.  This just makes me feel somehow less comfortable.  There are also the “police sucks” writing on both sides of the car.  At least he spelt sucks correctly and not “sux”.
I actually saw the driver today, having normally only seen the “I want a ticket” car as I call it, parked in town.  The driver looks like a middle aged man and today when I waited to cross the road on my crutches, he stopped both sides of the road so that I could cross.  He also called out “that looks sore ” and wished me a Merry Christmas.  He was really kind and yet his car is so blatantly offensive. The juxtaposition confused me.
I am trying to work out why they affect me in any way.  It is not like I have to drive them.  And yet they both do.  They irritate me and make me grind my teeth.  I guess I believe that 9/11 should not be a bumper sticker, for any part of it.  With all my studying of this tragedy it feels “more to me” and I hate seeing it reduced to a bumper sticker or inaccurate information.
The “I want a ticket” car isn’t technically lying or stating things I have not thought myself or even said.  But it just annoys me – I guess on this one its because there is so much violence and this car seems to be a driving provocation for more.  I will need to think on this more.
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