As I sit and rest my left leg  
For others help I have to beg 
Pain is an ever present gnaw 
The broken bone just feels raw

I simply do the best that I can 
Even though my face is wan  
I have to daily task prioritise 
With no strength to energise 

My arms ache, my right leg sore   
Not sure I can take much more  
But I blunder on or do what?
How much worse to simply rot

As long as I find ways to relate 
Write my story onto slate  
Then keep going that I will  
Retaining my hope in life still 

Thanks for reading my thoughts 
I am lately feeling  out of sorts   
Writing helps release pressure 
My favourite form of leisure 

Although reading really rates
It and I are long-term mates
Keep on writing for you and me
Over our words friends are we


What do you think?

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