In cells we sit

Third Rate Romance

Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.


Our eyes met through the bars of our individual cells.  It made getting a full impression of how we looked disjointed.  Even jockeying to get a better position look just moved the position of each barrier to our view.   Face it, where we were was only ever going to offer a disjointed perspective of who we were.

We could almost touch through the bars, but being constantly jostled meant that touch was fleeting.  We couldn’t hear each other over the constant noise of this place.  All we knew was what we saw and it seemed we both liked that.

Eventually the wardens changed and we were “cared” for by a single inept individual that somehow mixed the populations.  I managed to slip into his cage and fought my way to him.  I could see the need in his eyes and he was equally fighting to get to me.

While everyone else was seeking escape in this unexpected moment, we sought only to be together.  To move beyond simple eye contact to full contact and all that might bring with it.

We finally touched and found our corner of intimacy.  I will spare you the details of our blending but lets just say it was satisfying!  The wardens returned and righted the chaos of the inept individual and we were once more separated.

However I was gifted by pregnancy and in time gave birth to 22 splendid blends of me and him.  It was blissful (I choose to forget the details) and in time he was able to greet his male offspring.  And even when they left, we had our moments of sight to keep us enthralled.

Such is the love of rats, brief and fertile.




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