The joy of teaching

I saw this on and was intrigued so followed back to the source

Rules:  Written for Flash Fiction for aspiring Writers. Requirements: Using the photo Prompt, create a flash fiction story of 100-150 words.


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I was looking for people that matched my main passion in life.  I set this simple trap by leaning my rather expensive bike, locked, against the wall.

I waited, hidden in the shadows, snapping photos for identification.  And then he came and then another and yet another.  Grabbing the bike and riding hell for leather. Sure they had outwitted the owner.

I used the GPS located in the bike frame to locate each thief.  From that initial meeting, began our relationships.  Me as the teacher of thieves and them, my eager proteges.

Lock away your stuff, pointless advice really, because here we come!


Story 107 words (including title)




  1. That’s very different! Teaching thieves how to be a thief. Very interesting! I went to link up your story to the InLinkz story grid and you have linked up with InLinkz before so you already know how to do it.


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