The Chicken greets you

Oh wow – just re – read this and it needs some love lol Enjoy the images at least ..


Welcome to my special world

To you, my, fans I now herald

Chicken is my chosen name

Not by me! I may yet earn fame

You may stay a while

Other cats may revile

If you look into my eyes

The loving gaze may surprise

To fall in love with me

You will find so easily

Stroke my coat and hold me close

I smell better than any rose


Yes, you MAY have been sitting here

But let me be clear,

this is not YOUR chair

I simply allow you to sit there

When I do not need to be anywhere


I may or may not be beached

But if you try I can be reached

Not by that grey cat (Charlie) there

But by those with hands that care


Sleeping SHE may be able to fake

But I am not sure how much more I can take

I did not chose to be here

In fact I would rather be any where

Than flattened on HER chest

Even if she thinks she knows best


Bye bye for now

Get that cat out of my shot!!

Cuter than me? What rot!

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