This was written pie meal fashion
Hope the rhymes are not clashin’

A is always the first letter
Really, is there any better?
Without A no wAter to sAtiAte  
Or choosing D to deviate

B is second, a pleasant sound 
The same as bee or be I found 
Next comes C, a rhyme to many
But also spoken as sea and see
Because requires both to be

D is kind of soft sounding
The small d opposite of p  
Is this a recycling letter ?
Not sure which I like better

E is a popular vowel to use
Three times above, more times here 
It is really used everywhere
It can make tings very clear

F is often effing great fun
G spoken gee, the joyous one
Combined in fought to name one
But not in fort, anyone?

H for hope but also help
Including words like whelp 
Horror, headache, hurt too
But does hope weigh in for you?

I  can be a witness
Simply use your eye
J can be used to justify
Which letter you try

K is a fave of mine, for Kelly
Is that better than Algie?
Famous relatives on T.V.
Bank robbers are we

L is great for words like loyal 
Treat your friends, as if royal
M is for men, can we live without
Is the no that you shout?

N can be a hard one  
When put with o 
Forming a strong no
Which can be hard to say

Oh can express a lot
Even dismay or shock
P can come to be pee or pea
One can happen accidentially

Q is a very rigid letter
Requiring u to unfetter
Words that sound the same
cue or queue for the next game

R sounds great in grrr
And equally in purr
Just ask my cats 
Which they prefer

S makes things plural
Two of some things; surreal
T or tee off, let us begin
Some sterling create sin

U is a favourite; it’s about you
Without which there is no me
Which is sad don’t you see
To us I will always be true

V can be a visual sign
Victory is the final win 
First across the line 
What a way to begin 

W or double V, or  M reversed 
This may sound rehearsed
X for x – rays to better see
What is happening inside me

Y can bean urgent request 
How to become a pest 
Why is … why not, why, why
Why probes your every lie

Z, as in zee not zed
It sounds better in my head
This is the end of my rhyme
In reading, thanks for your time

This poem took me ages to compose,
some of these letters kept me on my toes

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