If I were so very young and free

Who would I believe I could be?

Would I think about the future me?

Could I believe what I would see?

If  I were alone and scared

Would I have even dared?

To do all the things I tried

Even if from some I cried

Is my life merely a whim of fate?

Destined to end on some date

Predestined before I even start

One day, an end to my heart

Will my words fade away?

Never seen after this day

Or will they be my memory?

When all else was temporary

Will you miss me when I’m gone?

My loss causing you to be forlorn

Or will you dance upon my grave?

No other memory you choose to save

If the end of us was near

Would you hold me dear?

Would we separate despite care ?

No longer seen as the perfect pair

Will my life end in strife?

Just the loss of another life

Unremarked by media glare

I was simply out of there

Would my absence be marked

An anniversary  day sparked

In memory each passing year

Since I was last seen here

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