Thank you for the gift of you

I simply love this prompt.  I have read so many amazing blog posts and truly consider it a blessing that this opportunity exists.  My picks are blogs I simply enjoy, although only 3 is so limiting.  There are individual posts that shine in each for me but I am just going to say – look for yourself and I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

I just love the translation of the Daily Prompts into cat speak and reality.  It is well written and thought out.  If you love cats and what they get up to, you will love this blog.

This blog has poetry that just flows through my mind when I read it.  If you love wonderful, articulate poetry visit this blog.  I smile when I read the poems and that, alone is a gift.

I like the subtitle:  “It’s all in Finding the Right Words”, because for me it really is.  I like the humour and similarity to my own thinking that this blogger shares.




  1. Thank you so much on behalf of Tabby She is flattered
    “Mrs. Human flattered does not exist in meow”
    “Then just enjoy the honour, or pehaps honour does not exist in meow.”
    “Of course it does, don’t forget we were once worshipped as gods.”

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